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At pesticide analytical technology we aim to

•    Deliver shortest possible turn around time
•    Generate results of high quality and accuracy
•    Work according to international standards
•    Co-operate with local registration authorities

Services Offered by Pesticide Analytical Technology

•   Pesticide Formulation Analysis to Fulfil South African Registration Requirements (act 36/1947)

•   5-Batch Analysis and Technical Material Impurity Profiling
5 Batches of the Pesticide Technical material are analysed according to
FAO / APVMA / EU Health and Consumer Protection specifications.
Comprehensive reporting on method validation, active ingredient
content, applicable physical specifications, relevant and non-relevant
impurities, and total sample content. Chromatograms, figures and
tables are included.

•    Active Ingredient Determination
Quantitative analysis of triplicate sample dilutions
on Gas Chromatography or High Performance Liquid
Chromatography with a wide variety of columns
to separate the compound of interest from any
interferences. Uncertainty of measurement,
based on the Eurachem/CITAC Guide is reported
together with the result.

•   Identification of Unknown Compounds
Qualitative analysis of unknown compounds as well
as impurities and contaminants in pesticide
formulations, with Gas Chromatography-Mass

•    Physical Tests on Pesticide Formulations
Physical performance of formulated products are
evaluated according to CIPAC / WHO methods or
to the Clients’ specification and includes Persistent
foaming, Suspensibility, Emulsifiability, Wettability,
Density, pH, Particle size, Storage stability, Moisture
content, Accelerated Ageing, etc .